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From 01.01.2013 becomes a mandatory technical regulations of Ukraine "Pressure Equipment", which applies to equipment under pressure more than 0.5 bar.

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Pursuant to the requirements ДСТУ 3411-2004, operating system "ТЕСКО" the robot on certification in a system УкрСЕПРО (order Госпотребстандарта of Ukraine from 21.09.06 № 288) is assigned / is authorized to fulfillment:
Product mix, for realization which one ООО "ТЕСКО" assigns / is authorized to fulfilment the robot on certification in a UkrSEPRO system is adduced in the appendix to the given page - to look.
The test lab has an OOZE "ТЕСКО" the certificate of accreditation in a UkrSEPRO system № UA 6.001. Т.383 from 15.11.01 (with prolongation of validity, order НААУ № 68 from 30.01.07, Testimony НААУ till 25.01.08).
The product mix, for realization is accredited by which one an OOZE "ТЕСКО" in a System УкрСЕПРО, also is adduced in the appendix to the given page - to look.
ООО "«ТЕСКО" also is expert organization Госгорпромнадзора of Ukraine, that confirms by the Sanction to realization of expertise on a labour safety and industrial safety № 2885.06.30-74.30.0 from 30.10.06р., that allows to conduct a technical expert appraisal with the purpose of obtaining the Sanction Госгорпромнадзора of Ukraine of the equipment, reduced in the appendix to the mentioned Sanction.
Our employees have passed training in training centers Госпотребстандарта and Госгорпромнадзора of Ukraine. The competence of staff is affirmed by the conforming certificates and certificates: the employees are certificated by the auditors in a System УкрСЕПРО for certification of management systems, certification of products, are the technical experts Госгорпромнадзора of Ukraine on different groups поднадзорной of an industrial output; two employees have the conforming proficiency of the specialists on a non-destructive examination (third level and second level).