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From 01.01.2013 becomes a mandatory technical regulations of Ukraine "Pressure Equipment", which applies to equipment under pressure more than 0.5 bar.

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Adopted new DCMU №1025 from 28.12.2016.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a new Resolution №1025 from 28.12.2016 about approval of the Technical Regulations of simple pressure vessels.

New Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1025 from 28.12.2016, the "On approval of the Technical Regulations of simple pressure vessels" shall enter into force on 13.07.2017. (Published in the Official Gazette of Ukraine №4 from 13.01.2017).

Technical regulations developed on the basis of Directive 2014/29 / EC the European Parliament and the Parliament of 26 February 2014. about the harmonization of legislation of Member States on the market of simple pressure vessels.

These Technical Regulations apply to vessels that are manufactured and have the following characteristics:

1) a vessel is welded, subjected to internal overpressure of over 0.5 bar and meant to fill with air or nitrogen and not intended for fire heating;

2) parts and components that affect the strength of the receptacle shall be manufactured from high quality alloy steel or unalloyed aluminum or aluminum alloys, not strengthened by aging;

3) The vessel shall consist of:

the cylindrical part of circular cross-section closed convex outside and / or flat bottoms that have the same rotation axis as the cylindrical part;

two convex bottoms out one axis of rotation;

4) The maximum working pressure of the vessel shall not exceed 30 bar and the product of the amount of pressure vessel (PS x V) - 10 thousand. Bar 1 liter;

5) The minimum working temperature must not be below - 50 ° C, and the maximum operating temperature - above + 300 ° C for steel vessels and + 100 ° C for vessels made of aluminum or its alloys.