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From 01.01.2013 becomes a mandatory technical regulations of Ukraine "Pressure Equipment", which applies to equipment under pressure more than 0.5 bar.

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Certification and conformity assessment Body «ТЕСКО»:
№ UA.P.148; № UA.PN.148; № UA.MQ.148; № UA.TR.006; № 8О067; № 1О227.
Testing laboratory «ТЕСКО» № 2H423.
Expert organization № 647.11.30-74.30.0.
Company name: «ТЕСКО» Ltd.
Certification body name (full): Certification body «ТЕСКО» Ltd.
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The area of operation (of appointment and authorization) on production certification in UkrSEPRO System (production groups): Pressure equipment
Simple pressure vessels
Transportable pressure equipment
Technological processes of welding of the equipment and the vessels working under pressure, welded constructions and products
Appliances burning gaseous fuels (used for food preparation, heating, preparing hot water, cooling or washing) and burners
Consumer equipment working on solid, liquid or gaseous fuel
Hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fluids (efficiency requirements)
Machines and mechanisms. General mechanical engineering.
Manual machines, portable machines and hand tools with the isolated handles
Elevating constructions, units, safety components, accessories and spare parts for them
Machines for underground work, material mining equipment, concentrating equipment . Digging machines. The equipment and the protective systems intended for use at potentially explosive environments
General mechanical rubber goods
Metalworking and woodworking equipment
Welding equipment and materials
Technological equipment for the food, meat-and-milk industry, trading, public catering and nutrition units
The low voltage equipment
The electric equipment for regulation and control
Chemical sources of a current
Lighting production
Building constructions, materials and products
Lifts, escalators, units, safety components, accessories and spare parts for them
Cableway installations designed to carry persons. Cargo cableways. safety components, accessories and spare parts for them. Ropes.
Personal protective equipment for workers
Ware from black and nonferrous metals, products from faience and glass
Minerals and alloys
The area of operation on production conformity assessment to the requirements of Tehnical regulations of Ukraine (ТR names): Lifts
Appliances burning gaseous fuels
New hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fluids (efficiency requirements)
Personal protective equipment
Electromagnetic compatibility
Transportable Pressure equipment
Low voltage equipment
Equipment and protective systems in potentially explosive atmospheres
Simple pressure vessels
Machinery safety
Pressure equipment
Cableway installations
Construction products
The area of operation on certification of management systems in UkrSEPRO System:
DSTU ISO 14001
Mining industry
The textile industry and clothes manufacture
Manufacture of a leather, products from a leather and other materials
Woodworking industry, processing of wood and manufacture of products from wood
Printing, duplicating of the written data carriers, records on magnetic carriers and related services
Manufacture of coke, oil refining products
Chemical manufacture
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
Manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral production
Manufacture of cement, lime, plaster mixes and products from them
Metallurgical manufacture, manufacture of ready metal products and metal processing
Mechanical engineering, manufacture of machines and equipment
Manufacture of electric and electronic machines and equipment
Manufacture of vehicles
Other manufacture which has not carried to listed groups
Processing of secondary raw materials, processing of a waste
Manufacture and distribution of electric power
Manufacture and distribution of gas
Steam and hot water supply; gathering, clearing and distribution of water
Wholesale and retail trade; repair services
Transport and communication services, additional transport services and auxiliary operations
Аinancial intermediary services, real estate services, rent and lease services, services to legal bodies
Services in the area of information
Services in researches and design
Other services, engineering activity; providing services to businessmen
Services in the area of government management, obligatory social insurance
Services in the area of education
Services in providing of the social assistance
Other social services
The names of systems of technical regulation of Ukraine, the certificate, period of validity:
  1. "TECKO" Ltd. accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU) as:
    • product certification body, the certificate № 1O227, accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17065:2012;
    • certification body control systems (DSTU ISO 9001), the certificate № 8O067, accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17021;
    • testing laboratory "TECKO", the certificate № 2H423, accredited for compliance with DSTU ISO / IEC 17025.
  2. Conformity assessment requirements of technical regulations in Ukraine:
    "TECKO" Ltd. – Conformity Assessment Body under the № UA.TR.006 (re-appointed):
    • Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine of 03.12.2012 № 1381;
    • Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine of 05.11.2013 № 1306;
    • Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine of 26.02.2014 № 218.
  3. UkrSEPRO system of certification (re-appointed):
    • product certification, the certificates № UA.Р.148 and № UA.РN.148; Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine of 04.10.2013 № 1176;
    • certification of management systems (9001, 14001, 18001), the certificate № UA.MQ.148; Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine of 11.03.2013 № 240.